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AvalonRO - A classic Legend

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Excalibur - Fight with your brothers, To arms!

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Games is our business and we do it for you!.
Here at Gamers Unlimited we specialize in MMO gaming, Avalonro and Excalibur being our most popular games.
For the player that craves the action of PvP battles, for the player that loves delving into the story narrative, or the trader, collecting and selling all kinds of items in the game, we got what you crave.

We are an open and fun community and open for anyone to join!.


As some of you may have noticed the forum was offline for most of tonight, This was mainly due to various malicious attacks on our webserver.   These attacks have been mitigated and the forum has been migrated to another host to guarantee a bett.....

Forum upgraded to 3.4

Dear community members, We have upgraded the forum to the latest version (3.4.5) Please let us know if you experiences any difficulties/bugs.   The most important fix it contained is probably incorrect gibberish input in the forum (WYSIWYG) edit.....

IRC back in action

I would like to report that after a many hours of tinkering over 50 configuration files we manged to get our IRC server up and running again.It is available for everyone to connect to and includes a webclient version for the people who don't want to .....

Holiday wishes to all

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays with us here. I hope everyone had a great christmas, we're happy to be of service and are glad you are all part of our little gaming community On behalf of the Excalibur Network team, A Happy 2013 and we'll .....

Possible short downtime website/forums

Hello peeps. The datacenter is doing a big move tonight where possibly our own site will be down for a short moment. As I might move our server along as well. This will include IRC. The gameservers should not be affected. -maever.....