One of our newer and more succesfull titles, released in 2013.
Excalibur is the game that embraces you with it's stunning 3D environment, grand areas, each themed in a whole different style. An adventure facing dangers from both monsters and other players awaits.

Join now and Explore!

Massively Multiplayer & Online
Join Hundreds of other players online at any given moment, creating a world that's full of life and action.

Take a race, a class, and a set of skills, and mold them into a personality that transcends the games mechanics.
Excalibur features over 12 unique classes and 7 playable races, each with their own unique combat traits.

Story Driven Universe
Enter into a world with a legacy of more than thirtheen years of epic storytelling.
The stories feature the birth of the conflict between the mighty Guild Legion and the Dark Ogre clan and in doing so dragging you into the conflict that place out between these 2 sides.

Persistent Online Avatars
Create up to 10 characters who grow with each game session. As characters progress in level, so do their weapons, skills equipment, locations discovered, monsters defeated, NPCs met, quests completed, and adventures had, all with no worry of the story ever ending.

Magic, Mystery, and Adventure
Excalibur is centralized around obtaining and completing quests, of which there is no shortage to be found. NPC quest givers may be found throughout Nazeroth, from busy city streets, to dungeons, battlegrounds, raid locations, to out in the open world.

How to play/connect?

  1. Register an account on our site
  2. Login to the user area
  3. Select your realm
  4. Download the game client matching your realm version
  5. Connect to the listed realm with your Excalibur client.
  6. Enjoy the game